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                                                (coming 2019)

Patriotism and duty to country are just a way of life to most people. Blind allegiance to the state as a whole is the antithesis of speaking one’s mind when it differs from the majority. Citizens seem to turn a blind eye to unlawful wars, oppression by unjust laws, the violence of police force on minorities, the militarization of the police force, blind support for the military, and theft by taxation. Voting is touted as a duty, not a choice. In countries where dictators rule, that’s true. But in the United States, it’s a choice. Once can choose simply not to choose.

The author didn't set out to disrupt his belief system but when a friend guided him to literature by Leo Tolstoy, French writer Jacques Ellul, and modern-day anarchist Murray Rothbard, that is when his whole outlook would quickly and radically change for the better. Radical - a word often tainted with images of extremism and violence. Yet anarchism is the opposite of that.

The worlds of religion, politics, and human betterment were not only reconciled by the author but confirmed through practical use as demonstrated in The Accidental Anarchist. Part narrative, part counsel, all realistic.


Release date TBA.

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