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Ordained as the best twelve short stories of gay erotica to be released all year, Hymns is the testament of twinks, gingers, jocks, hairy daddies, intense BDSM, bathhouse scenes, steamy shower liaisons, cruising spots, and the clergy. It will leave every reading voyeur thirsty to swallow more.


Sewell narrates his first fictional work with a hot-blooded vengeance that radiates in its lascivious detail and divinely seduces the reader in a native carnal nuance. The reader will be born again, hard and deep, through each one of the twelve gloriously discipled short story sacraments.


HYMNS includes the author's authentic and sensual intimate life experiences written in a uniquely heightened and richly detailed prose and offers the hottest version of the year's finest gay erotica.


Ah, men!


HYMNS Volume One is available now!

Sectioned off in twelve individual stories, Hymns retells the true stories of the author's personal sexual forays. Sometimes told in the first person, sometimes as an outside narrator, the stories all weave tales of intense and unapologetic moments shared between men who are just out to have the best time possible.

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