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Always considering himself a writer, Greatest Hits is actually Ernest’s first published book. Although he dabbled in many forms of artistic expression writing was always considered the first love.


HYMNS Volume One is Ernest Sewell's second publication for 51st Street House Publishing and his debut in gay erotica as well as short story fiction. His first release, Greatest Hits, received great reviews from readers who were possibly high or otherwise altered.


The lack of an editor on Greatest HIts could possibly be an indication that Ernest was drunk when submitting a final transcript to his publisher.


He lives in upstate New York with three cats, a friend, and a large collection of Family Guy DVDs. He might also be having sex right now.


Try not to picture it, just know it could be happening.


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Autographed paperback copies:

Greatest Hits is available for $13.

HYMNS Volume One is available for $16.

Order one autographed copy of each for $25.

Media mail shipping is included on the above options.

Use the PayPal button to buy copies. Or use the Contact form including your email to request a copy. Books ship within a few days.

We ship to the contiguous forty-eight states. (Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii increases price but can be arranged. Contact us for more.)

Thank you for supporting indie authors and thank you for reading.

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Sewell Family Crest

The Sewell family originates from different parts of England and Europe. After researching some ancestry, Ernest's father discovered that many of the Sewells were bee keepers.


Once they started to look up any family crests, and there were a few, almost every one of them had one or a trilogy of bees on them (as well as an unknown acorn). So far, it’s unclear whether they specifically harvested honey, or made use of the bees in other ways.


The bee has since become an important emblem for the author as he continues to search his ancestry. It only seemed fitting that the bee icon would be included in the initial promotion of Greatest Hits and beyond.


Thanks! Message sent.

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